Analytics Consultancy

Our web analytics consultancy service helps you
Understand your Sales,

Our web analytics consultancy service helps you understand your sales, marketplace performance, category based performance, best selling products accurately across all marketplaces to make data informed decisions with confidence.

Analytics at SEARZILLA

SEARZILLA is defined as the analysis of sales performance in both qualitative & quantitative across marketplaces and shopping carts, which would help you making concrete decisions in terms of sourcing, expansion and investment.

Working with SEARZILLA you will be able to see exactly Why, How & Where buyers are purchasing your items and how you can improve that buying experience, ultimately driving performance for your online retail business.

The Importance of Analytics

With a clear understanding of what is happening on accounts, so that you as a retailer can take right decisions to improve your account performance and can target right kind of product segment to gain more buyers. The proper implementation of analytics helps decision makers understand what actions are required to meet the business’ objectives and drive their business forward.

Create listings that Drive Sales.

Know from the analytics, which keywords, features, and listing practices will drive shoppers to your listings.
Identify the best categories to sell on eBay and persuade shoppers to buy. Call us or email to get started.

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