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Millions turn to comparison shopping engines (CSEs)
to search for deals and compare prices. We can help you optimize and
submit product feeds to CSEs like Google, Nextag, Shopzilla and Bing.

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CSEs are effective Because:

*Reflects generally accepted statistics averaged from various resources as: CPC Strategy, Forrester Research, Internet Retailer, MerchantAdvantage, and Practical eCommerce

  • CSEs influence 50% of online shopping decisions.
  • 94% of online shoppers invest time to find the best price and 65% of online shoppers spend 15+ minutes comparing products on CSEs before making a purchase.*
  • CSE shoppers tend to be motivated buyers. Our channel management experts can get you in front of these buyers on any CSE.

Shopping Feed Plan Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamic Remarketing lets you create captivating, interactive online ads that target customers who are already familiar with your store.
These ads highlight the specific products that customers viewed on your store by dynamically inserting product
data from your Google Merchant Center into styled display ads.

Customers see unique ads customized to each of them based on their visit to your store and on how close they got to completing an order. This allows you target the specific customers who did not complete an order on your site and offer them a special incentive to turn them into buyers. These ads appear in front of customers as they browse other websites online, reminding them to return to your store and make a purchase!

Shopping feed Management Services FAQs Why SEARZILLA
Shopping Feeds?

  • CSEs influence 50% of online shopping decisions.
  • Optimize your product feed for each shopping engine
  • Map your categories to specific product categories on each engine, ensure relevancy and prevent formatting mistakes and uncategorized listings
  • Tag URLs with 3rd party analytics tracking parameters like Google Analytics
  • Provide full support with a dedicated channel marketing expert
  • Effectively manage your budget and monitor ad spend by individual channel, category or product
  • Provide analysis down to the SKU level for intelligent performance measurement and feed optimization
  • Deliver actionable monthly performance reporting
  • Send more fields than required for optimal feed performance
  • Refresh your product feed daily, weekly or on-demand

What is a product feed?

A product feed is a structured, automated text file that involves the technical specifications of a product, including condition, description, ID, sample image, price and other information.

While search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing continue to play an essential role in seeking information, CSEs are designed with customers’ shopping needs in mind. Solely focusing on product merchandising, CSEs have eliminated the academic and informational aspects of general search results. Thus, they target serious shoppers looking to compare product features, prices and more to easily make purchases online.

Search engines such as Google also have shopping engine functionality. By submitting properly formatted product feeds to Google and Bing, your product lists have the opportunity to appear when a searcher designates they are looking for products. Also, product listings are integrated into the general search results, presenting even more opportunities for traffic. Feed formatting and submission to Google Shopping is included in each of our CSE Management plans.

When your e-commerce website achieves a leading presence on CSEs, you’ll be displaying your products to online shoppers who are seriously interested in making a purchase. Also, CSEs redirect interested shoppers to your website where they can learn more about your business, products and services. In addition to quality traffic, you stand to gain desirable conversion rates and increased brand awareness.

Thanks to SEARZILLA’s immense experience in all major shopping carts, you’ll have a hands-off experience once you sign up with a CSE Management plan. However, we need your help to accurately list your product information because no one understands your offerings better than you.

Please make sure that the following fields are populated in your store backend: Product Name, Product Description, List Price, Product Code, Product Manufacturer, Vendor Part Number and that all products have a proper product landing page and product image. Each merchant should also ensure that their tax and shipping settings are set up in the shopping carts, as well. Please also note that product images should preferably be a minimum of 400×400 pixels to ensure optimal feed performance. We cannot guarantee the inclusion of all of your products in each shopping engine, but ensuring that your products meet these minimal requirements should increase the number of products that will be accepted in each CSE.

A Comparison Shopping Engine, also known as CSE, allows shoppers to see essential product information in an easy-to-understand grid format when they enter search queries for specific products. CSEs usually return price comparisons, sample images, brands, manufacturers and, in some cases, even consumer reviews and buying guides. CSE is gaining ground as it fine-tunes search results to cater to the needs of billions of online shoppers.

Utilization of CSEs typically benefits online merchants in a way that complements SEO and PPC efforts. Increasing exposure online using various channels gives a business more opportunities for traffic, brand awareness and sales. While SEO and PPC can be used to improve your site’s visibility in organic search results and sponsored results to attract quality traffic, CSE Management service is tailored to e-commerce merchants to push their inventories to various online marketplaces and ultimately, serious shoppers.

Since their innovation in the late 1990s, CSEs have been revolving in quantity, quality and specialty. Shopping engines vary greatly in size, algorithm, product categories and how they charge merchants. Chances are your site could receive a huge ROI on one CSE but not as much on another, so the best approach is to test your products in different venues, and adjust your strategy according to performance.

Google, a paid CSE, is a good starting venue for small and medium-sized businesses because it brings a lot of traffic. Businesses with larger marketing budgets may benefit from adding other paid engines such as Bing Shopping, Nextag, Pricegrabber, etc. When you purchase a CSE Management plan that includes cost-per-click engines, we will make budgetary adjustments as needed to maximize performance.

Yes, but bear in mind that leveraging CSEs to push sales is a very involved job that requires solid technical understanding and lots of patience. Each Comparison Shopping Engine has its own set of policies on feed format and updating inventory. Additionally, they often change the rules and taxonomies. Our professional CSE management services will spare business owners the trouble of monitoring and making adjustments accordingly. Inventory spreadsheets, product feed optimization and technical troubleshooting ā€“ we take care of everything for you.

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