Managed Services (SEO)

One thing most websites have in common is
they strive for search engine visibility.

Marketplace Integration

We will support your internationally expansion by providing a our expertise guiding that enables you to sell products simultaneously across multiple online marketplaces worldwide. We understand that some clients have different requirements than others there for Searzilla is the most flexible and comprehensive support staff available within the eCommerce ecosystem and allows our inventory to be in full control of the their profit with no time.

Store Management

Our ecommerce specialists team manage and trade your global marketplace stores to drive sales growth, encourage customer loyalty, boost product visibility and increase Brand awareness. Searzilla Managed Services works closely with industry-leading ecommerce platforms to ensure that you’re getting the best sales results for your business growth. Searzilla Managed Services team has the most experienced expertise in all ecommerce platforms & service providing applications. With one point of contact, managed services monitors and handles all support activities.

End to End Marrketplace Solution

Our end-to-end marketplace solution removes all the hassles of international expansion providing accurate, low risk, boost-to-market. We take care of everything from contract to returns, so all you have to focus on is deciding which market to sell into next to become King!

What we Do

  • Technical Integration – We have established a deep understanding of your marketplace strategy, customers and objectives, we work with your internal teams to understand your technical requirements, and our innovative, highly customizable integration system which allows us to onboard you quickly and make sale out of it.
  • Launch on Marketplace – We work closely with all global marketplaces to guarantee international compliance, secure the best rates and launch your products. Our logistics partners then take care of the final mile to ensure the smooth delivery of your products to local customers.
  • Drive sale – our team is focus on driving sales by tapping into marketplace promotions, making sure all product listings are properly optimised, capitalising on marketplace trends and delivering the best customer experience.
  • Expand Internationally – We will be there to support your global Presence & growth by creating each possible marketplace expansion plans that help you develop your internationally to reach customers worldwide.

Features of Managed Services

Flexible monthly / hourly support based on YOUR business for you

  • 24/7 Support and uptime monitoring
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Support for inventory Management, Product Optimisation, customizations and integrations
  • Skype / Telephone / email support
  • Inventory Performance Reviews all platforms (Analytics, Optimisation, Audits)
  • Detailed weekly hour/Monthly project breakdown
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