Amazon SEO

To be successful on Amazon, you need to have high quality constructed titles, a great description, high quality images and all the right keywords. We manage this process by using the latest tools and research methods to find the best keywords for your products by hand, although we use technology to automate our process and to maximize efficiency, we check each listing manually to insure we are using the best keywords, maximizing the keyword usage and making adjustments where necessary.

Amazon Title Optimization

The title is one of the most important aspects of your listing. Our title recommendations help you identify important words such as brand name, size, or other descriptive information that a buyer use in their search. (An alphanumeric string; 1 character minimum in length and 100 characters maximum in length.  Note: Type 1 High ASCII characters (®, ©, ™, etc.) or other special characters are not supported.)

Amazon Description Optimization

The description is your opportunity to provide buyers with more information about the item. Be sure to use complete sentences and correct spelling and grammar. We make description more informative using Amazon recommendations. (A text string; 2000 characters maximum in length)

Amazon Image Optimization

Adding pictures to your listing helps you increase sales, gives your buyers a more accurate idea of what to expect and distinguishes your listing from others of its kind. We do basic photo editing & re-sizing as per Amazon Image guideline. (Images should have 72-pixels-per-inch resolution and be 500 pixels minimum in length (on the longest side).

Amazon Attributes Optimization

Entering item specifics ensures that buyers find your listing when they use this information in their searches.

We provide item specifics recommendations to help you determine how to improve your listings so that they perform better in buyer searches. In some cases, we also suggest item specifics key words to include based on the listing title, description, Bullet Points, Search keywords, Platinum Keywords etc..

Amazon Bullet Points Optimization

Brief descriptive text, called out via a bullet point, regarding a specific aspect of the product. These display directly under or next to your product photo, it is useful to put interesting information in these fields. Bullet points will be inserted automatically. (500 characters maximum length per bullet point)

Amazon Product Type

Identify the appropriate classifications for your products. You can use either the Browse or Search method in the Product Classifier tool for this.

Identify suggested refinements for your product listings. Refinements are attributes that allow buyers to narrow their product selection

Amazon Item Browser Node

Use this to specify what your item is.  This field is primarily used for browse classification. If left blank, your item will not be found in the Amazon site.

By choosing appropriate Browser Node products are visible in right department on Amazon and also get more visibility by visitors.

Amazon Generic Keywords Optimization

While Amazon will automatically have the item's title and brand in the search index, these additional search terms help locating the product when customers perform keyword searches on Amazon. It is in your best interest to make use of these additional search terms. (1000 characters maximum length)

Amazon Platinum Keywords Optimization

These additional search terms help locating the product when customers perform keyword searches on Amazon. Those keywords which helps your Amazon Products to reach the audience for which they are searching for.  (2000 characters maximum length)

Amazon Product Listing Completeness

Finally, the last conversion metric to optimize for is listing completeness. As a general rule, the more complete you make your listing, the better. Do your best to fill in every single field in the listing setup page to maximize your chances of appearing at the top of product search results.

On each listing, we will see key metrics that tells how the listing is doing.

Rank – Rank is the search placement of your listing with respect to other listings.

Traffic – Traffic is the number of times your listing appears to potential buyers in a search.

Highest Selling Items – Amazon's Best Seller list is a great place to check out which items are filling up shopping carts everywhere.

Buy Box Button Performance This is the CTA which leads shoppers to purchase the item on the product page. The seller Amazon determines is the best fit for the product page is noted as the seller and items added with the main ‘add to cart’ button are purchased through this seller. ‘Winning the buy box’ or being the merchant Amazon features for the product page is a major advantage for sellers on Amazon.

Sold items – Sold items are the number of times buyers purchased an item from your listing. This number will only be greater than one when your listing is a multiple quantity fixed price listing.

Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)

Fulfilled by Amazon means that the seller keeps the item in Amazon's warehouses and lets Amazon ship and pack it. Amazon also handles customer service, so in most cases you will have similar options with items sold by Amazon.

Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) helps you increase your online sales by giving you access to Amazon’s world-class fulfillment resources, fast, free delivery options for your products, and trusted and acclaimed customer service. Simply send your products to an Amazon fulfillment center, and we’ll store your inventory, pick, pack and ship your orders across India and provide customer service.

Many sellers create multiple listings for variations of the same product. It’s much better to use Amazon’s built-in parent-child product functionality to direct all customers to a single product page.

This has several benefits:

  • It maximizes your customer reviews, since Amazon will combine your similar products into a single primary product page

  • It makes the most sense from a UX standpoint; keeping customers on the same page makes it more likely they’ll buy your product

Amazon has shown a preference for ranking products with multiple options in their listing

Maintaining a high feedback rating is an important factor in becoming a successful seller on Amazon. Customers often review feedback ratings when determining whether to make a purchase from a seller. If you receive negative feedback, it is important to quickly determine the cause of the problem and to work toward resolving it.

Searzilla will help you to remove negative feedback and represents your reputation as a good Seller.

The Amazon Brand Registry can help you increase your sales figures immensely. You will receive unique ASINs and no other sellers will be able to merge your listings. Additionally, as there is no competition, you will always have the buybox for your ASINs.

Searzilla will help you on Brand Registry Process for their own brands.

As an Amazon seller it is essential that you are familiar with Amazon's restricted categories. If you list products in restricted categories without approval then your listing will become inactive. Searzilla will help you to get approval of restricted category.

Selling on Amazon Vendor Central is a completely different way of interacting with both Amazon and your customers. You’ll go from merchant to distributor. Making this switch will bring about changes in how you interact with customers, your ability to control your brand presence, and your content.

Searzilla will help you to become Amazon vendor central seller mange your vendor central account.

  • Calculating Amazon pricing

  • Calculating Profit Calculation

  • Calculating Minimum and Maximum Pricing

  • Taking Decision on Selling Price

Our Managed Service team will help you to make calculate your pricing. Send us your item Wholesale price and you profit range we will calculate your price.

Amazon Report

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