Newegg Listing Optimization

Newegg Title Optimization

The title is one of the most important aspects of your listing. Our title recommendations help you identify important words such as brand name, size, or other descriptive information that a buyer use in their search.

Newegg Image Optimization

Adding pictures to your listing helps you increase sales, gives your buyers a more accurate idea of what to expect and distinguishes your listing from others of its kind. We do basic photo editing & re-sizing as per Newegg Image guideline.

Newegg Attributes Optimization

Entering item specifics ensures that buyers find your listing when they use this information in their searches.

We provide item specifics recommendations to help you determine how to improve your listings so that they perform better in buyer searches. In some cases, we also suggest item specifics key words to include based on the listing category, title, and description.

Newegg Description Optimization

The description is your opportunity to provide buyers with more information about the item. Be sure to use complete sentences and correct spelling and grammar. We make description more informative using Newegg recommendations.

Type of Listing

A great Catalog or listing can generate good sales comparison to any ordinary listings. Searzilla is expertise on creating various types of listings such as single listing, variation listings, bundle variation listing etc.

Newegg Store and Listing Analysis

On each listing, we will see key metrics that tells how the listing is doing.

Rank – Rank is the search placement of your listing with respect to other listings.

Format – Format describes whether an item is offered through an auction-style listing or a fixed price listing.

Impressions – Impressions are the number of times your listing appears to potential buyers in a search.

Clicks – Clicks are the number of times buyers clicked on your listing in search to view your listing.

Click through – Click through is the number of clicks divided by the number of impressions. A higher click through rate is better, meaning members were more likely to click on your item when they saw it in a search.

Sold items – Sold items are the number of times buyers purchased an item from your listing. This number will only be greater than one when your listing is a multiple quantity fixed price listing.